Membership Benefits

Sports Activities & Fitness Facilities:

• Field Sports (Cricket & Hockey)
• Cricket Nets (Day & Night)
• Coaching Clinics in Cricket, Hockey & Pool for members & their children
• Insurance Coverage for fully paid sportsmen & sportswomen whilst representing the Club in official matches

Social Activities & Facilities:

• Raffle Draws every Tuesday and Thursday
• Subsidized social and out country activities
• Playground and recreational facilities for children
• Privileged and discounted use of Club’s facilities.
• Reciprocal Use of facilities of affiliated Clubs in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia,S. Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, U.K., West Indies & other countries
• Screening of live sports (cricket, soccer, etc)
• Versatile In-house Caterer specialized in South Indian, Ceylonese, Chinese and Malay Cuisines
• Live Band All days; Filipino Band from Sunday to Thursday – , Indian Band – From Friday to Saturday.
• Regular events – Jackpot Day, Members’ Nite (Every Month 1st Friday), National Day D & D, Deepavali D & D, Christmas Party and New Year’s Eve Countdown Party.

Educational Benefits:

• Educational Merit awards for members’ children
• Mentor Scheme for students

Senior Citizens Benefits:

• Health talks and other Senior Circle Activities
• Subsidized prices for events, etc.

Death Benefits:

• Death Grants for late Senior Life Members
• Wreath and bus arrangements for the bereaved (members & immediate relatives)
• Recognition of late Senior Life Members and late members, who had served the Club, through the obituary columns
• Funeral Grants: Funeral Grants of $500 to the next of kin of fully paid-up members with a minimum of 5 years’ membership and earning less than $2000 per month during their lifetime.


CSC Membership-Application Form